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REAPER Lab's dedicated work space in Texas A&M's Qatar campus is fully equipped for our team's research projects.

REAPER Lab Qatar

The Renewable Energy and Advanced Power Electronics Research laboratory at Texas A&M University at Qatar is well equipped to support a diverse array of research projects. Here are some of our resources in our Education City, Doha, campus laboratory. Researchers including postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students have access to 1,000 square foot research laboratory dedicated to power electronics in the TAMUQ Engineering Building. It has 230Vac, 50Hz building power, 230V, 32A single-phase ac power, 415V three-phase power and a California Instruments 54kVA fully programmable 3-phase 4-quadrant regenerative ac power supply to simulate arbitrary ac grid conditions suitable for grid-connected inverter testing. Combined with multiple solar array simulators and MagnaPower dc power supplies, the lab has the ability to test end-to end a complete PV electrical system, dc and ac microgrids, and distribution systems.



Some of our relevant equipment dedicated to REAPER Lab includes:

  • dSpace MicroLabBox with DS1202 PowerPC DualCore 2 GHz processor and DS1302 I/O board;
  • dSpace PHS with ACE1007MC DS1007 multicore processor, DS2004 16 channel high speed A/D board, DS2102 6-channel 16-bit high resolution D/A board, DS4002 8 timing channel, 32 digital I/O board, and associated connector boards;
  • California Instruments;
  • Tektronics 4000 series MSO 4 channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes, (simultaneously display and analyze up to 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels synchronized to the same time base);
  • Tektronics 4000 series TDS series 4 channel oscilloscopes;
  • Tektronix optically isolated differential voltage probes, Tektronix hall-effect current probes;
  • Fluke and Tektronix digital multi-meters;
  • HP function generators;
  • Cynergia;
  • NHT;
  • Philips RLC meter;
  • Voltech PM100 power analyzer;
  • MagnaPower high voltage and high current dc power supplies;
  • California Instruments FCS series 54kVA, 0-480V, 50/60Hz three independent phases; programmable ac source;
  • Behlman single phase 3000VA programmable ac power source and software;
  • Venable Frequency response analyzer system for closed loop control tuning;
  • BMA thermal chamber;
  • Texas Instruments series DSP platforms with gate drive isolation circuitry suitable for DC-DC, DC-AC converter, PWM control;
  • Microchip PIC18x series microcontroller integrated development environment, C compiler, and custom-build demonstration / prototype hardware platform suitable for both switch-level digital control as well as supervisory control.



All necessary computers and telecommunications equipment are available to perform our required work. The computing and communication infrastructure is professionally managed and maintained by an in-house dedicated team of IT professionals through the office of Network and Computing Services. All servers are redundantly backed up, including to an offsite facility. The complete suite of Microsoft Outlook is in full deployment to facilitate information exchange and meeting schedules, with web conferencing also available and supported. In addition, the REAPERlab uses dSpace Control Desk, MATLAB, National Instruments LabView, PLEX, SolidWorks, and many other standard software packages.


Texas A&M Qatar
Engineering Building

PO Box 23874
Education City
Doha, Qatar


Parking is available south of the Texas A&M Engineering Building, located across from the HBKU Student Center in the heart of Doha’s Education City campus. The main entrance is located on the east side of the building, and visitors can check in with the front desk located just inside.

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