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The Renewable Energy and Advanced Power Electronics Research Laboratory investigates the fundamental engineering and scientific basis of electrical energy conversion. Our current concentration is photovoltaic systems. While our core discipline is electrical engineering and subject domain is power electronics, renewable energy systems research requires a holistic base of knowledge. As such, we focus on balance-of-systems issues as well as power electronic topologies and controls. Our goal is to move photovoltaic energy (aka solar energy) out of the alternative energy category and into the mainstream portfolio of energy resources in a technologically and economically sustainable way. Our vision is to be an internationally recognized center of excellence for research in this area.

Research Areas

Advanced Energy Systems · Solar Electrical (Photovoltaic) Energy Conversion · Inverter Systems for Alternative Energy Sources (Fuel Cells, Photovoltaic, etc.) · Power Electronics Reliability in Alternative Energy Systems · Distributed DC Power Systems with Emphasis on Local/Distributed Control · Auto-Tuning Coupled Inductor Filters · High Quality PWM Amplifiers with focus on Application as Audio Amplifiers · Battery Life Management · Non-linear Control Techniques · Model Predictive Control of Power Converters · Non-Planar Photovoltaic Systems · Power Quality at the Grid-Edge · Grid-Edge Power Converters · Interactions of Grid-Edge Power Electronics

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