Dr. Wesam Rohouma delivered his post-journal presentation, co-authored with Dr. Morcos Metry, Dr. Aaqib Peerzada, and Dr. Miroslav Begovic, titled “Analysis of the Capacitor-Less D-STATCOM for Voltage Profile Improvement in Distribution Network with High PV Penetration” at the IEEE Energy Conversion and Congress Exhibition poster session in Nashville, TN on October 31st.

This paper examines an alternative distribution static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM) based on a matrix converter (MC) for the low voltage distribution networks with high PV penetration. This technology can extend service life by using inductors for energy storage. The converter being studied provides ancillary services, including reactive power support; the impact on reliability, operational constraints, and electrical behavior is demonstrated. The contribution of this paper is a detailed analysis and impact study of the capacitor-less D-STATCOM in high PV penetration distribution networks. The significance of this paper is that it studies the behavior of the power electronics converter and its interaction with the power systems without assuming or neglecting details of either. Compensation effects and reliability comparisons between the proposed capacitorless D-STATCOM and the incumbent D-STATCOM technology are also studied in this paper.