The REAPERlab congratulates undergraduate students Ms. Leen Al Homoud, Mr. Safin Bayes, and Mr. Rinith Reghunath on the publication of their Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) undergraduate honors research thesis entitled “Cyber-Physical Defense in Smart Distribution Networks.”

The their research pertains to cyber-physical security for electrical power distribution systems by applying machine learning techniques to identify authenticated but malicious control commands. Such a scenario may exist if an attacker gains access to the control systems so that they appear to be authenticated, spoofing as a bona fide agent in the system. Such an attack vector would be undetectable with traditional cyber-security authentication methods. Their thesis can be found at the following URL:

Ms. Al Homoud is currently pursuing her MSEE degree at Texas A&M University under the supervision of Dr. Katherine Davis. Mr. Bayes is currently pursing his MASc degree at McMaster University.