Research assistant Ms. Nabila Elbeheiry, undergraduate research assistants Mr. Abdelrahman Amer and Mr. Seif Elgazar, Ph.D. student Ms. Sawsan Shukri, and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Morcos Metry presented their paper entitled “Techno-economic Evaluation of Residential PV Systems in Oil/Gas-Rich Economies: A Case Study of Qatar & Texas” at the 2nd International Conference on Photovoltaic Science and Technology. The workshop, which was held virtually 30 November through 2 December 2020, was originally scheduled to be in-person in Ankara, TURKEY.

The paper presents a techno-economic analysis based on the implementation of a residential rooftop photovoltaic system in oil and gas-based economies. Two case studies were used as examples of implementation in different parts of the world: Texas, USA, and Doha, Qatar. In both cases, a long-term simulation of a house is used to determine the economic feasibility of residential PV. Factors like generation and load profiles, cost of grid consumption, cost of materials, and house size were taken into account in this study.

This publication was made possible in part by PDRA grant # 5-0422-19004 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of the Qatar Foundation). The statements made herein are solely the responsibility of the authors.