Dr. Wesam Rohouma presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Robert Balog, Ph.D. student Mr. Aaqib Ahmad Peerzada, and Dr. Miroslav M. Begovic entitled “Parallel Operation of Capacitor-less D-STATCOM to Allow More Penetration of Photovoltaic Systems in Distribution Network” at the 47th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), held virtually from June 15 to August 21st, 2020.

The paper proposes the use of parallel D-STATCOM devices dispersed within the distribution network to provide support that enables more penetration of solar PV systems to the distribution network. With a form-factor similar to a standard pad-mounted transformer, the D-STATCOM provides reactive power to control voltage profile, and harmonics compensation to minimize the distortion in upstream voltages and currents.  Results show that the proposed parallel D-STATOCM devices have considerably improved the voltage profile at all the buses in the feeder.