Dr. Wesam Rohouma presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Robert Balog, Ph.D. student Mr. Aaqib Ahmad Peerzada, and Dr. Miroslav M. Begovic entitled “Fault-Tolerant D-STATCOM Based Matrix Converter” at the 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Renewable Energy SGRE 2019 in Doha, Qatar on 19th November 2019.

In this paper, four-leg fault-tolerant capacitor-less power quality compensator based matrix converter topology is proposed for use in low voltage distribution networks to mitigate power quality issues. The proposed system has a reconfigurable structure and adaptive switch control schemes to allow fault-tolerant operation of the converter. Fault detection is based on the output voltage measurement error. Finite control set model predictive control is used to control the converter. This fault-tolerant capacitor-less topology is well-suited for long-life applications under hot environmental conditions. Simulation results in different open-switch fault conditions verify the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed solution.