Dr. Wesam Rohouma presented his paper co-authored with Dr. Robert S. Balog, Ph.D. student Mr. Aaqib Ahmad Peerzada, and Dr. Miroslav M. Begovic entitled “Development of a Capacitor-less D-STATCOM for Power Quality Improvement in Low Voltage Network” at the IEEE 13th International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering (CPE-POWERENG) in Sønderborg, Denmark / 23 – 25 April 2019.

In this paper, a three-phase capacitor-less matrix converter (MC) has been employed as a distribution system static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM) to provide reactive power compensation in the low voltage distribution network. To achieve long service life, energy is stored in chokes instead of capacitors. The inductive-loaded D-STATCOM is controlled using model predictive control (MPC) to provide the required reactive power support to the distribution network. Experimental results obtained from 7.5KVA test prototype showed the effectiveness of the proposed technology in reactive power compensation.